A Christmas Story from Blue Water

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

down on the east coast
None of us had cleaned
the house we loved most

My palms sweating
and teeth beginning to chatter
I knew I had little time to deal with this matter

Then what to my searching eyes
should appear
A Blue Water Services business card
No worries - O'cheer!

I leaped to the phone and made the call
to the best cleaning team
That shines above them all

Come Flora! Come Jesi! Come Norma and Nelly!
Come Maria! Come Ilsia! Come Estela and Kelly!
Come one, come all!
We need your help from wall to wall!

And more speedy than beagles
Blue Water Services was there
Not speaking a word
Swiffers high in the air

They worked diligently
dusting here, vacuuming there
Nothing missed
not even a hair!

And just before heading
out the front door
They looked back to marvel
at the sparkle of the floor

As quickly as they came
they drove out of sight
In their company Suburban
So big, so white

Looking at each other
they gave out a shout
"Another happy customer, indeed!"
"No doubt!"

-Beth Hargett

Merry Christmas from
Blue Water Services!