Christmas Cheer


  After surviving Florence, Carteret County came together like none other and became Carteret Strong! With Christmas closing in on us, what better way to continue this community closeness than to, once again, reach out to our neighbours?

  We have donated this year to Project Christmas Cheer ( and encourage each of you to do the same. This program has several different ways to help your community. You can “purchase” an angel tree and Christmas shop for the child that you have adopted. PCC helps with this by listing the necessary information about the child (like sizes, wants, and needs) and you take care of the rest.

  If you would like to do a little more than just adopting one child, that is great! You have the option to adopt as many children as you would like or even adopt an entire family. If you believe Christmas is about more than just gifts, they have got something for you as well! Project Christmas Cheer says that for a donation of $60, you can provide a Christmas dinner box to a family in need.

  There are no limits to just what you can do for those in need. You can even support a few kids, a family, and provide dinner to someone else. This season we encourage you to give to your community and remember that we are still Carteret Strong!